The Judges

Spanning three decades, The Radio Academy Awards are without doubt the most established, respected and coveted awards in the UK radio industry's calendar.

As you'd expect, competition is always tough and the 2014 Awards are no exception! All those nominated have proven their ability to raise the bar and are at the very top of their game.

That's why we take the business of judging so seriously, carefully selecting and balancing each panel and doing all that we can to ensure as robust and transparent a process as possible.

A few things you may not know...

A separate panel of judges is put together for each category and each panel is guided in their decision making by a panel chair.   

Panels range in size from 3 to 5 members, depending on the number of entries received. This means that  well over 100 judges are appointed each year. 

Judges are drawn mostly from within the radio industry and are asked to cast any personal and professional loyalties aside, basing their judgements solely on the entry submitted and not on any previous knowledge or experience they may have of the programme or station.

There is no secret formula – judges listen to each entry and make their evaluations based strictly on the audio received, with the written summaries providing the context.

Each panel works totally independently from each other – there is no cross-referencing or consultation between panels.  An entry will never be snubbed or rewarded on the basis of whether it’s been entered into another category, or how well it might be doing elsewhere or has done in previous years.

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