How to Reset Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung Smart Hub lets you look up movies and TV series, explore the internet and install apps on Samsung televisions with smart technology. Smart Hub is the Play Store of Samsung Smart TVs. Through the Smart Hub Store, you can download streaming apps from diverse categories, including news, entertainment, sports games, and more. There are over 200 apps in Smart Hub Store. Smart Hub. If you are unable to access your Samsung Smart Hub Store not functioning, you can restart the store.

As with resetting Samsung TV, factory resetting the Smart Hub store will delete all information associated with the Samsung account. A reset on the Smart Hub will delete all the apps you have installed, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and fuboTV in the Samsung TV. Following the reset process, you will re-start the Samsung TV as if it was starting for the very first time. Additionally, you need to connect your account once more and reconnect your Smart Hub. Smart Hub services.

How to Reset Samsung Smart Hub

1. Click the Settings on the Samsung TV.

2. Under Settings, select the Support optionand the self-diagnosis option.

Make sure you are running the latest model of Samsung TVs, then go through Settings, SupportDevice Care Self Diagnosis.

3. Select option option to reset the Smart Hub. option.

4. It will ask you for an PINto reset. (The normal PIN will be 0000).

5. That’s it. Now, you’ve successfully reset your Smart Hub successfully.

Alternate Way to Reset Smart Hub

1. Click on the Smart Hub button on the Samsung TV remote.

2. If it appears that the Smart Hub Store opens, hit on the D-button at the bottom of your remote. This will access settings..

3. Select your option to reset theoption and you’ll see an option to change your password on the TV. 4. Enter the passwordand The Smart Hub store will be reset.

How to Reset Smart Hub on Samsung TV Without PIN

You can’t change the settings of your Smart Hub without the PIN. You can, however, reset the PIN on your TV. This is the default number. For changing the Samsung TV PIN, turn on the TV, and then press the following button on the remotecontrol: Mode > 8, 2 and 4 the Power button. The screen will ask you to input a an additional security pin.